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pop-up tooltip across multiple monitors #2847

gerritholl opened this Issue · 2 comments

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gerritholl Matthias Bussonnier Bradley M. Froehle

When I have IPython qtconsole fullscreen on my right monitor, and I type a short command, the tooltip ends up across two monitors, which makes it hard to read:

Illustration of tooltip box across two monitors

If possible, IPython ought to detect the monitor edge and consider this in the placement of the tooltip box.

Matthias Bussonnier

Unfortunately I would say that this is a Qt/PyQt issue, and I doubt there is anything we can do from our side.
We'll still try.

Bradley M. Froehle

Hmm, I see how that could be very frustrating. Anyway, I've read through the Qt documentation for QToolTip and it doesn't appear that there is any mechanism for having the tooltip stay within one monitor.

The only alternative would be to use a different mechanism to display the help text --- perhaps in a frame within the window?

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