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SciPy.weave broken in IPython notebook/ qtconsole #3017

groakat opened this Issue · 11 comments

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Compiling and running of compiled scipy.weave code is not possible with IPython notebook and IPython console. However, it works with standalone, plain IPython.

Minimal Example


compiling code

find the traceback here:
final error:
AttributeError: 'OutStream' object has no attribute 'fileno'

executing code

For both notebook and qtconsole, the output is printed in the terminal that was used to start them.

tested version

failure in

ipython 0.13.1
scipy '0.11.0'
numpy '1.7.0'

working in


Apparently it is working with numpy 1.6.0. I did not test it by myself, but that was a response on IRC. It was there also reproduced using numpy 1.7.0. I could compile it in an virtualenv using numpy 1.6 using the notebook. (Still trying to get the qtconsole to run so that I can test that)


Even with numpy 1.6 the output is directed to the terminal that was used to start the IPython kernel

@juliantaylor juliantaylor referenced this issue from a commit in numpy/numpy
@g2p g2p Assume we can use sys.stdout.fileno() and friends.
The workaround shouldn't be necessary in a recent python shell.
Tested in python, ipython.

In fact, distutils is almost never imported and run manually from an
interactive shell.

This removes the use of `sys.__stdout__`, which broke with distribute
0.6.30 on Python 3.

That awful exec_command should really be ditched, subprocess does the job fine.

Something like:

-        if _with_python and sys.stdout.fileno() == -1:
+        if _with_python and (not hasattr(sys.stdout, 'fileno') or sys.stdout.fileno() == -1):

(untested) should make things work in the notebook.


Sorry, I basically started last week with IPython and dont know much about the scripts it involves. Where about do I have to look for that line? Or is it in numpy?


It's in numpy, look at the "juliantaylor referenced this issue" link. Here is the current


The overridden iostreams don't have fileno attribute defined, because there is no fd associated with them.
So the question is what is the best way to indicate this:

  1. have no fileno method (current)
  2. fileno() returns None
  3. fileno() returns special 'no FD' integer value (e.g. -1)

Is there an official / common behavior for file-like objects that don't have an FD associated with them? It looks like weave expects returning -1 to be this indicator - is that a general behavior documented anywhere?


Based on IOBase, it looks like we should be raising an IOError when stream.fileno() is called.


I was going to link that. Also you could create a file descriptor (by making a pipe, or maybe using zeromq).


I don't think we want to create an fd, just express the exceptional state appropriately.


io.BytesIO and io.StringIO raise io.UnsupportedOperation when you try to call fileno(). According to the docs, that subclasses IOError and ValueError.


As far as the breakage is concerned, there is a fix: numpy/numpy#3128 and an 1.7.x backport: numpy/numpy#3136 . It handles IOError as it should.


Both fixes merged into numpy.

@minrk minrk referenced this issue from a commit
Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
@minrk minrk closed this in 27e3083

Similar error appears using the mdp package. Script works in python and ipython, but not ipython notebook:

ipython: 0.13.2
mdp: 3.3
parallel python: 1.6.2-monkey-patched
joblib: 0.6.4
sklearn: 0.13.1
numx: scipy 0.12.0
symeig: scipy.linalg.eigh


import mdp
import bimdp


AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last)
in ()
1 import mdp
----> 2 mdp.test()
3 import bimdp
4 bimdp.test()


/usr/lib/python2.7/subprocess.pyc in _get_handles(self, stdin, stdout, stderr)
1061 else:
1062 # Assuming file-like object
-> 1063 c2pwrite = stdout.fileno()
1065 if stderr is None:

AttributeError: 'OutStream' object has no attribute 'fileno'

@mattvonrocketstein mattvonrocketstein referenced this issue from a commit in mattvonrocketstein/ipython
@minrk minrk raise UnsupportedOperation on iostream.fileno()
closes #3017
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