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Quickly install from source in a clean virtualenv? #3131

metakermit opened this Issue Apr 4, 2013 · 3 comments

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Is there a quick way to grab the source and requirements for IPython notebook in a clean virtualenv and start hacking?

I tried cloning the code and doing

pip install -e .

hoping this would pull in all the requirements, but it only resulted in 3 painful crashes & pip installs of tornado, pyzmq (which is not called zmq as the warning suggests, btw - another google search to find this out ,':\ ) and jinja2.

One of the benefits of pip, virtualenv and Github should be that you can start hacking on the code within 20 seconds, not messing with going through wiki pages to find requirements and whatnot. At the least, it would be nice to have this requirement mentioned in the README.rst file. Ideally, pip install should do it by itself.

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minrk commented Apr 4, 2013

We should add a one-liner to the README, it would be:

pip install tornado pyzmq jinja2 ipython

or just

pip install ipython[notebook]

for the same thing. To do the same thing from local git would be

pip install -e .[notebook]

The main issue is that these are all optional dependencies (called 'extras' in setuptools) - core IPython itself has zero dependencies, that's why pip install ipython doesn't pull anything in, and why it shouldn't.

(Note that easy_install is generally preferable for pyzmq on Windows and OS X, because pip frustratingly ignores eggs. Maybe someday wheel will address this.)


Thanks for the optional dependencies hint - just what I was looking for.

You can take a look at my pull request, see if it fits. I didn't list the dependencies explicitly to minimize the number of edits necessary in case they change. I think the pip install -e .[notebook] method is the cleanest.

BTW, I successfully installed pyzmq using pip on both OS X and Ubuntu today. Maybe it started working on Windows as well.

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minrk commented Apr 4, 2013

pip install pyzmq works on most systems, but easy_install is preferable because no compilation is necessary (pip install pyzmq won't work on a system without a compiler, for instance).

@minrk minrk closed this in 9da25f6 Apr 6, 2013
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