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IPython.kernel: parallel map issues #317

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Note: originally this message was send to however for some reason 24 H later is still wasn't on the mailing list, therefore I assume it was dropped for some reason. Anyway I as think about it this is probably a more appropriate place to put it.


I'm currently trying to make a basic parallel map using IPython's
kernel.client and I run into two issues.

-- Issue 1 --

When the function that is to be called has multiple
arguments and is mapped using MultiEngineClient for instance as: a: f(a,**c_args),np.arange(100)) (1)
where c_args = dict(b=10,c=3). This is equivalent to: a: f(a,10,3),np.arange(100)) (2)

The point is the formulation (1) works in the main but fails when
called from a class method, while formulation (2) works all the time.
Just in case I have pushed c_args with MultiEngineClient

I get the following error:
ValueError: Sorry, cannot pickle code objects with closures

I can not use formulation (2) as in real application c_args depends on
the current object properties.

You can find a minimal working example here:

as well as the traceback:

--Issue 2--

As for functions that I managed to map with MultiEngineClient the
execution was quite slow, so I made a short benchmark using this file on
3 processes:

and the ouput shows that for me the normal map is always faster than while TaskClient's map just hungs using all available CPU power.

Additional logs can be found here:

Well I'm new to Ipython parallel processing capabilities, so am I
missing something here ? Or are there some issues with the software
versions I'm using ?

I use Gentoo with
Python 2.7.1 (r271:86832, Feb 28 2011, 13:20:38)
IPython 0.10.1 USE flags: (examples gnuplot readline -doc -emacs -smp
-test -wxwidgets)
dev-python/twisted 10.2.0
net-zope/zope-interface 3.6.1

Thank you in advance for your help,
best regards,
-- rth

IPython member

The closure is actually straightforward:

The lambda function is referring to the c_args in its parent scope via a closure. To fix this, simply rename the one declared in __init__ to something else (b_args), then when the lambda function is called, it will look in globals, and should be fine (with this change, your script works for me).

As for general and performance issues: we are in the process of completely replacing IPython.kernel (with IPython.zmq.parallel, see the 'newparallel' branch on GitHub), so I am afraid that we aren't likely to fix much there.


Thank you for your fast reply.

Indeed, the closure exception is quite self-explanatory: It's just that I wasn't aware of the closure concept before....

I'll have a look at the 'newparallel' branch.

@rth rth closed this
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IPython.kernel has been removed and replaced by IPython.zmq.parallel.

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