%%cython -a stopped working? #3199

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twiecki commented Apr 19, 2013

With IPython 0.13.2 and Cython 0.18 I can compile cells with %%cython magic just find. However, the -a to output the annotated output stopped working after I upgraded. I get

UsageError: unrecognized arguments: -a

What version of IPython were you running before? I believe the annotate (-a) feature was added to the development branch after 0.13 (meaning it won't be in the 0.13.x releases).

twiecki commented Apr 19, 2013

I must have gotten confused and were running a newer version before then.

I just upgraded to git master (1.0dev) but cython magic seems to not work at all anymore:

%%cython -a

import cython
cimport cython

File "", line 2
cimport cython
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Did the syntax change perhaps?


cell magics are currently broken in 1.0dev
see #3178

twiecki commented Apr 19, 2013

OK. Thanks.

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