Vagrant pandas instance of iPython Notebook does not respect additional plotting arguments #3256

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This is probably an edge case, however ...

I have installed pandas and IPython Notebook, and am running on a Vagrant box. When plotting and attempting to create a stacked bar graph on a data frame, pandas ignores secondary arguments passed to the plot() function.

I don't know whether this is due to my enviornment, version of pandas, or a basic error in usage of the plotting syntax.

To replicate you can follow these instructions to install a Vagrant box running IPython.

Python libraries that are installed in this route are:

Chef python cookbook python', '>= 1.2.2

No version numbers are specified, so I am assuming that the latest and greatest are installed.

After installation I run IPython via ipython notebook --ip= -pylab inline. I open the notebook on that IP, and then I try

import pylab as pl
from pandas import *
x = DataFrame({"Alpha": Series({1: 1, 2: 3, 3:2.5}), "Beta": Series({1: 2, 2: 2, 3:3.5})})

This works as expected, but

x.plot(kind="bar", stacked=True)

produces exactly the same plot, rather than one with stacked bars. I expected to see a stacked bar chart.


minrk commented Jul 6, 2013

Sorry, this slipped through the cracks. I would bring this up with pandas folks rather than here.

I've also tested with just a base ipython instance, and the issue seems to be with the plotting libraries and their ability or inability to control the screen via a vm or not.


minrk commented Jul 6, 2013

Okay, then. I'll close here.

minrk closed this Jul 6, 2013

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