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Windows path escape issues #378

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some tests fail, due to path escape issues on Windows

They include:

  • IPython.core.tests.test_magic.test_dirops
  • IPython.core.tests.test_completer.test_file_completions

I think these are real issues, and not just test bugs, but it's probably both. completion and cd behave strangely on windows.


A symptom of this is that completion on paths doesn't behave well, as described here


I've been testing this in 0.11 and 0.10, and the behavior does not seem worse than 0.10, though we do have new tests that show where it didn't work.

It's pretty bad, but apparently it's always been pretty bad, so I'm not too concerned with blocking on it.

We should definitely fix it, but Windows users can't be too used to tab-completion working well, because as far as I can tell, it never has.

The basic issue is: relative path completion (using unix '/' as pathsep) works fine, but absolute path completion, or using '\' for pathsep, doesn't work.


Demoting this to prio-high, because it doesn't appear to be a regression from 0.10. Path completion has apparently always been bad on Windows.


@minrk, there's been some work recently on this, I'm wondering if things are better now and we can close this particular issue. @jstenar, could you let us know if this specific one (i.e. the two tests above) has been now fixed? If so, let's close this one and focus on the other ones we have open that have specific information.


It seems the first case is fixed. I get no errors for the test_diprops.

The other case seems to be split in two parts test_abspath_file_completions which is marked as knownfail on windows and test_local_file_completions which works.


Great, thanks. I'll close then, and eventually we'll do a sweep of the knownfails to try to improve them.

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