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embed() doesn't load default config #458

mspacek opened this Issue May 20, 2011 · 1 comment

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mspacek commented May 20, 2011

In embed() in IPython/frontend/terminal/, there's logic to handle the case when the kwarg config == None (the default case). It looks like it's supposed to load the user's default config in this case, using load_default_config(), but the logic seems broken and the user's default config is never applied to the embedded shell. However, if you pass your own config as a kwarg to embed(), that does stick. In other words:

embed() # default config isn't applied
embed(config=load_default_config()) # default config is applied

Probably just a thinko in the code. There's a global _embedded_shell variable being used there.

mspacek commented Jun 1, 2011

Closed by merge of pull request #479

@mspacek mspacek closed this Jun 1, 2011
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