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Suppose I'm editing and testing it using %run which contains import themod. I am not aware of any current mechanism to make %run automatically reload themod when it has changed, but this would be an extremely useful feature.

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That makes sense, although I'm not sure how easy it would be to implement. It probably won't be sorted before 0.11, though.


Though 2 years has gone, 0.13.1 still hasn't deep reload for %run yet.

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I guess no-one has felt the need strongly enough to implement it. It should be possible with autoreload, if you'd like to have a go.


For what is worth, Spyder has had this functionality for a very long time. It deletes from the current namespace and then reloads all local modules used on a given script before re-running it.


@ccordoba12 where is the source code of the functionality in Spyder, Thanks.


@Honghe, you can find it here. runfile is our version of %run, and UserModuleDeleter is the class in charge of reloading local modules.

For the future we are considering to replace %run with runfile for kernels managed by us.


This would be extremely useful for me, means i only need one interpreter for everything! Would be great if it was just an option to the run command e.g. run -dr


+1 for this feature request


If I know what is the problem hindering development of this I will gladly work on it, currently with '%autoreload 2' I get TypeError('super(type, obj): obj must be an instance or subtype of type)' any time I change a class that has a call to super. The solution could be a new %run2 comamnd that has a combination of [this answer](] and Spyder's.
Here is another reload mechanism that takes care of old instances too:

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+1 for this. This issue renders autoreload useless for projects with just moderate inheritance complexity.

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