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make Qt console key bindings configurable #502

mspacek opened this Issue Jun 3, 2011 · 0 comments

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mspacek commented Jun 3, 2011

From discussion in #496, I think I'd like to take a crack at making the qt console key bindings configurable. Of course, if anyone else wants to do it, that would be great too!

Fernando wrote:

It seems to me the right way to do this is to wait for #492 to get merged (almost ready). At that point, the Qt console will have a proper config file support, and it will be much easier to experiment.

This is, for example, the format used by LyX:

\bind "C-e" "line-end"
\bind "C-a" "line-begin"
\bind "C-d" "char-delete-forward"
\bind "C-i" "font-emph"
\bind "C-S-t" "buffer-update pdf2"

which follows how Emacs describes keybindings as well.

I don't think the \bind syntax looks particularly nice, but the key descriptions seem fine, and it's just a matter for us of sorting out how to describe actions.

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