Update 0.11 docs to explain Qt console and how to do a clean install #554

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fperez commented Jul 4, 2011

Reported by Eric Firing on list:

The installation docs refer to ipython-qtconsole; this tripped me up because I still had such a script from an earlier development version.

Also in the ipython qtconsole dependencies section, you might make the dependency more explicit by replacing

"a new GUI...launched with ipython-qtconsole. The GUI is built on..."


"a new GUI, launched with 'ipython qtconsole', was added. In addition to its pyzmq dependency, the GUI requires..."

When you do make a release announcement, I suggest you emphasize the necessity of a completely clean installation for anyone who has been following the development. We all know this is good practice, but it is easy to forget something like cleaning out /usr/local/bin/ipython*

/ End of Eric's report.

I'm marking it critical b/c it can really trip up someone if they have lying around the old scripts. It's an easy doc fix.


minrk commented Jul 4, 2011

was already fixed for 7 whole minutes before the issue was opened :)

@minrk minrk closed this Jul 4, 2011


fperez commented Jul 4, 2011

you stole my time machine!!!

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