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tab expansion should only take one directory level at the time #67

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Original Launchpad bug 299821:
Reported by: peter-bienstman (Peter Bienstman).

In my relentless quest for the ultimate tab expansion behaviour, here's another suggestion:

>mkdir AAA
>touch AAA/b

rm -r AA<tab> expands to

>rm -r AAA/b

I think it would be better if that would only get expanded to AAA/, and only to AAA/b after hitting tab a second time. Similarly for other file system commands.


[ LP comment 1 by: Brian Granger, on 2009-04-14 23:27:41.046223+00:00 ]

Yes, I think that tab completion should work in this way. When you tab complete on a directory, you should get as the output AAA/
If you then continue, you should get the contents of the directory.


This has now been fixed, the behavior (at least on my system) is as the OP asks for.


Oops, meant to close.

@fperez fperez closed this
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@andrewrk andrewrk setEncoding('utf8') on sockets and stop using toString. closes #67
cleaner code, remove potential for glitches
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