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Copy and paste keyboard shortcuts do not work in Qt Console on OS X #707

nschneid opened this Issue · 3 comments

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  • Mac OS X 10.6.8
  • Python 2.7 with PyQt
  • IPython 0.11

Cmd+C (copy) and Cmd+V (paste) have no effect in the Qt Console, though the shortcuts are listed in the context menu. Clicking in the context menu does work.

IPython member

Question: did you compile pyqt yourself? We know for a fact that those shortcuts do work fine for many (most?) users, so there's something odd going on with your setup.

It might be worth pinging the -user list to see if anyone has any ideas, because from our current experience, they do work fine...


Yes, I compiled PyQt myself, so I suppose something could have gone amiss at that point...

IPython member

I'm pretty sure that's the case, because it seems to work for everyone else. I'm closing this here, but if you do find the root cause of the problem and there's something that does involve ipython, by all means reopen it and we'll do our best.

@fperez fperez closed this
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