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In Windows, %run fails to strip quotes from filename #733

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In [1]: run
hello test temp world

In [2]: run ''
ERROR: File ''.py not found.

In [3]: run ""
ERROR: File "".py not found.

Consequently, it seems impossible to run a file whose path includes a space, or to run any file without converting its backslashes to forward slashes.

This makes cross-platform development messier.


Issues #95 and #378 also pertain to difficulty handling Windows paths.


Specifically, the problem is that the .parse_options() method used by most of the builtin %magics uses shlex.split() with posix=False on Windows. Arguably, this is not wrong. However, %run and other magics ought to postprocess arguments that are filenames on Windows to remove quotes.


Fixed by rkern's pull request #734

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