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in line 38 #738

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global name 'get_special_folder_path' is not defined
don't know why.
Is get_special_folder_path a build_in function?

IPython member

Yes, I think it's part of the build system. Do you run into an error, or is this just from scanning the file?


i find it when i run the post install.
i don't know where this function is, build_in or other package?

IPython member

As I understand it, this script is for inclusion in the MSI installer, it is not meant to ever be run manually.

IPython member

Precisely. Those scripts get executed by the installer tool and they live in a funny namespace pre-populated with other tools. They can NOT be used standalone. The only way to run them is to build a binary installer with bdist_wininst and execute the installer itself.

Closing as this is not a bug on our side, it's how the python windows installers are designed.

@fperez fperez closed this

You CAN'T cross the street if the light is RED. Cross the street ONLY when the light is GREEN, it doesn't matter if a car is coming at 200 km/h.


If you think my previous comment is no answer, you're right. Nor are the other comments.
"Closing-because-it's-not-on-our-side". How often I see this kind of helpful response!

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