Ctrl-Enter clears line in notebook #740

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Ctrl-enter should immediately execute the current line, and move to a new line within the new cell, and it does in Chrome. But in Firefox, it seems to clear the current line without executing it, and move to a new line.

Tested in Firefox 6 (Ubuntu), with Tornado from git today.

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Not quite my experience. Also, there's no new cell, ctrl-Enter is for executing a series of commands in one cell (e.g. ls, cd, etc. things you don't actually want to be part of the notebook).

In Chrome: ctrl-Enter executes the cell, and leaves the input selected, so typing the next command will clear it (this is the correct behavior).
In FF6: ctrl-Enter executes, but clears input and adds a newline, which it shouldn't. It is essentially equivalent to the Chrome behavior followed by hitting 'Enter'.

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OK, for some reason when I tried it before I didn't think it was executing, but having tried it again, it seems I was wrong about that.

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