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Graceful degradation when home directory not writable #863

cool-RR opened this Issue · 5 comments

4 participants

Ram Rachum Thomas Kluyver Fernando Perez Min RK
Ram Rachum

I can't use IPython on because the home folder there is read-only.

Please make IPython gracefully degrade when it can't write to ~/.ipython, instead of just giving up and exiting.

Thomas Kluyver

What version are you trying with? It should detect that ~/.ipython isn't writable, and use a temporary directory instead. But maybe that fails if your home directory is also read only.

Fernando Perez

Note that you can also set the environment variable IPYTHON_DIR to point to any location you want, in case you can't update ipython. Let us know if that works...

Ram Rachum
Ram Rachum
Min RK

just to be specific: the fix is only in master, not 0.11 or earlier.

Note that IPython will still not be able to start if tempfile.mkdtemp() fails, but that should only happen if you have no access at all to the filesystem.

Closing as a duplicate of #669.

Min RK minrk closed this
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Hook for embedded IPython #631

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