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Missing manual.pdf? #881

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I can't find the manual pdf for ipython after easy installing 0.11, I only find the old manual for 0.10. Is it hidden or is there a download for it somewhere? I spent the last hour looking for it locally and on the internet, but maybe I have overlooked the obvious.

I know there is a website with documentation, but it is a lot easier to have the documentation in one file and not have to download a whole website with so many files. It is expensive to use documentation online when the internet connection is metered by time and not useful during the frequent power outages. Thanks.

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Our documentation page has links to PDF and online HTML versions of the docs for all released versions, including 0.11, and when you download a release from here, it includes the built HTML docs (in docs/html), which you can use for offline viewing.

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I did some Googling, and discovered that searches for IPython docs turn up links to the index page for the ipython-doc, which we moved to the new I updated that page to be more sparse, and note that it is unmaintained, pointing to the new page. It also automatically redirects with javascript (only when loaded from our GitHub hosted site), so people shouldn't end up there too often.


Solved! Thank you.


And where did PDFs go after 0.11?

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