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I'm here on encouragement of the crash report in my ipython shell.

I had an object (a compiled regular expression) and I tried to use tab complete to remind myself of syntax and ipython crashed. This may well have to do with the fact that the current working dir has hundreds of thousands of files, since the stack trace went back to this part of the glob module in python 2.6

     55     try:
---> 56         names = os.listdir(dirname)
     57     except os.error:
     58         return []

I don't know how to attach the crash report, although I did mail it using the other suggestion from the crash reporter.

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Thanks for the report, but we'll need a way to reproduce the crash in order to make progress on this. Tab completion is used very widely so we're pretty sure this is not a common problem, that means the only way to be able to pin it down will be with a self-contained example we can use to cause the crash on our systems. If you can provide us with such a test case we'll be happy to dig into the problem, but without it I wouldn't even know where to start...


I understand, but I can't really tar up the 3GB directory where this happened. I was just following the invitation from the crash report to file a bug. I generated 25K empty files and tried to reproduce the problem to no avail. This has only happened once, so I'll close this since I don't plan to pursue it any further....

@JoeGermuska JoeGermuska closed this Nov 4, 2011
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Thanks, Joe. It sounds indeed like it's a pretty hard to trigger problem, and the bug could be in one of python standard modules in this case. If you ever see it again in an easy to reproduce fashion, please don't hesitate to reopen.

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