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[NumPyExampleDocstring] link was pointing to raw file #1013

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Matthias Bussonnier Fernando Perez
Matthias Bussonnier

change link from raw.[...] to [...]/blob/

[edit] Sorry if it's a bit short explanation and patch-3 name it was edited inside github with the fork-edit-PR button [/edit]

Fernando Perez fperez merged commit c68c5b7 into from November 19, 2011
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Fernando Perez

thanks, merged!

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Nov 19, 2011
Matthias Bussonnier [NumPyExampleDocstring] link was pointing to raw file c68c5b7
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  1. 2  docs/source/development/doc_guide.txt
2  docs/source/development/doc_guide.txt
@@ -163,5 +163,5 @@ they're automatically exposed as a website. It works like this:
163 163
 .. [MatplotlibDocGuide]
164 164
 .. [PEP257] PEP 257.
165 165
 .. [NumPyDocGuide] NumPy documentation guide.
-.. [NumPyExampleDocstring] NumPy example docstring.
+.. [NumPyExampleDocstring] NumPy example docstring.
167 167

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