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Storemagic plugin #1073

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This makes the storemagic extension a plugin, so there's a configurable option for autorestoring variables on startup (default False).

It also adds a non-configurable default_extensions trait to InteractiveShellApp, for extensions we want to always load as part of IPython. I considered just having a default value for the extensions trait, but I think that's too easy to clobber unintentionally in config, e.g. c.InteractiveShellApp.extensions = ['sympyprinting'].

I think this is a shortcoming of the extension system, that there isn't a simple way to add values to a container - you have to do the little dance with hasattr, and then assign or use extend.


Actually, I'm not completely happy about this. Because extensions are loaded by the application, %store won't be available when it's embedded. I think the always-on extensions should be loaded by the shell.


Agreed, those should be shell-level. Do you want to do that here or in a different PR?


Related: should extensions just be attached to the InteractiveShell in general, rather than the app? That seems to make more sense.


I agree, @minrk.


Okay, then if we do move extensions to InteractiveShell from App, there should be a deprecation similar to the one we did for InteractiveShell.prompt_x.


opened #1144 for moving extensions to Shell, merging this.

@minrk minrk merged commit d3ded1a into ipython:master
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7 IPython/core/
@@ -130,6 +130,9 @@ def _extra_extension_changed(self, name, old, new):
if new:
# add to self.extensions
+ # Extensions that are always loaded (not configurable)
+ default_extensions = List(Unicode, [u'storemagic'], config=False)
exec_files = List(Unicode, config=True,
help="""List of files to run at IPython startup."""
@@ -158,11 +161,9 @@ def init_extensions(self):
This uses the :meth:`ExtensionManager.load_extensions` to load all
the extensions listed in ``self.extensions``.
- if not self.extensions:
- return
self.log.debug("Loading IPython extensions...")
- extensions = self.extensions
+ extensions = self.default_extensions + self.extensions
for ext in extensions:
try:"Loading IPython extension: %s" % ext)
41 IPython/extensions/
@@ -2,26 +2,24 @@
%store magic for lightweight persistence.
-Stores variables, aliases and macros in IPython's database. Stored values will
-be automatically restored whenever the extension is loaded.
+Stores variables, aliases and macros in IPython's database.
-To enable this functionality, list it in your default profile
-`` file::
+To automatically restore stored variables at startup, add this to your
+:file:`` file::
- c.InteractiveShellApp.extensions = ['storemagic']
-Or to use it temporarily, run this in your IPython session::
- %load_ext storemagic
+ c.StoreMagic.autorestore = True
from IPython.core.error import TryNext, UsageError
+from IPython.core.plugin import Plugin
+from IPython.testing.skipdoctest import skip_doctest
from IPython.utils import pickleshare
+from IPython.utils.traitlets import Bool, Instance
import inspect,pickle,os,sys,textwrap
from IPython.core.fakemodule import FakeModule
def restore_aliases(ip):
staliases = ip.db.get('stored_aliases', {})
for k,v in staliases.items():
@@ -53,6 +51,7 @@ def restore_data(ip):
def magic_store(self, parameter_s=''):
"""Lightweight persistence for python variables.
@@ -183,6 +182,24 @@ def magic_store(self, parameter_s=''):
self.db[ 'autorestore/' + args[0] ] = obj
print "Stored '%s' (%s)" % (args[0], obj.__class__.__name__)
+class StoreMagic(Plugin):
+ shell = Instance('IPython.core.interactiveshell.InteractiveShellABC')
+ autorestore = Bool(False, config=True)
+ def __init__(self, shell, config):
+ super(StoreMagic, self).__init__(shell=shell, config=config)
+ shell.define_magic('store', magic_store)
+ if self.autorestore:
+ restore_data(shell)
+_loaded = False
def load_ipython_extension(ip):
- ip.define_magic('store', magic_store)
- restore_data(ip)
+ """Load the extension in IPython."""
+ global _loaded
+ if not _loaded:
+ plugin = StoreMagic(shell=ip, config=ip.config)
+ ip.plugin_manager.register_plugin('storemagic', plugin)
+ _loaded = True
5 docs/source/whatsnew/development.txt
@@ -62,8 +62,9 @@ New features
Terminal frontend by default (:ghpull:`838`).
* **%store**: The ``%store`` magic from earlier versions has been updated and
- placed in an extension, :ref:`extensions_storemagic`. Add 'storemagic' to ``c.InteractiveShellApp.extensions``
- in to enable it (:ghpull:`1029`).
+ re-enabled (:ref:`extensions_storemagic`; :ghpull:`1029`). To autorestore
+ stored variables on startup, specify ``c.StoreMagic.autorestore = True`` in
+ :file:``.
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