Don't transform function calls on IPyAutocall objects #1121

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Closes #1117.


The lstrip isn't necessary.... or at least we don't use it later on in the_rest.startswith('[')


Good point.

bfroehle commented Dec 7, 2011

Anyway, looks fine to me. The logic in this section is terribly convoluted, the best I could do to disentangle it was something like

            if force_auto:
                # Don't rewrite if it is already a call.
                do_rewrite = not the_rest.startswith('(')
                if not the_rest:
                    # We only apply it to argument-less calls if the autocall
                    # parameter is set to 2.
                    do_rewrite = == 2
                elif the_rest.startswith('[') and hasattr(obj, '__getitem__'):
                    # Don't autocall in this case: item access for an object
                    # which is BOTH callable and implements __getitem__.
                    do_rewrite = False
                    do_rewrite = True

            # Figure out the rewritten command
            if do_rewrite:
                if the_rest.endswith(';'):
                    newcmd = '%s(%s);' % (ifun.rstrip(),the_rest[:-1])
                    newcmd = '%s(%s)' % (ifun.rstrip(), the_rest)
                newcmd = '%s %s' % (ifun,the_rest)


Thanks, Brad. I've tested that, and committed it here.


Oops, not sure what happened here.


Need to revert this change as well, as the tests expect 'autocallable ()'. My bad.


It's alright, it's a change I made (I should really have done a separate commit for it, but I wanted to go to bed).

The difference is that previously, if it decided not to rewrite the line, it simply used string formatting: newcmd = '%s %s' % (ifun,the_rest), which forced a single space in there. I've told it to use the default prefilter handler (normal_handler) instead. I think the new behaviour is better - when we're not rewriting it, I'd rather not change the input at all.

minrk commented Dec 8, 2011

I don't pretend to understand the slightly weird previous logic, but the replacement certainly looks clean and sensible, nice work!

@takluyver takluyver merged commit 7ea3e2f into ipython:master Dec 9, 2011

Merged, to keep the queue moving. Tests are passing - if you spot any issues with this, I'll do my best to respond to them quickly.

@fperez - tagged so you're aware of this.

fperez commented Dec 10, 2011

Thanks, @takluyver. Good call on keeping the queue moving, otherwise we'll drown. I had a look and don't see any problems, and with the tests added we should be in good shape.

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