Add support for displaying maptlotlib axes directly. #1152

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17 IPython/core/
@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ def print_figure(fig, fmt='png'):
"""Convert a figure to svg or png for inline display."""
# When there's an empty figure, we shouldn't return anything, otherwise we
# get big blank areas in the qt console.
- if not fig.axes:
+ if not fig.axes and not fig.lines:
fc = fig.get_facecolor()
@@ -109,6 +109,11 @@ def print_figure(fig, fmt='png'):
return data
+def print_axes(ax, fmt='png'):
+ """Print an Axes object via its associated figure"""
+ return print_figure(ax.figure, fmt)
# We need a little factory function here to create the closure where
# safe_execfile can live.
def mpl_runner(safe_execfile):
@@ -156,7 +161,9 @@ def select_figure_format(shell, fmt):
Using this method ensures only one figure format is active at a time.
+ from matplotlib.axes import Axes
from matplotlib.figure import Figure
+ from matplotlib.image import AxesImage
from IPython.zmq.pylab import backend_inline
svg_formatter = shell.display_formatter.formatters['image/svg+xml']
@@ -165,9 +172,17 @@ def select_figure_format(shell, fmt):
if fmt=='png':
svg_formatter.type_printers.pop(Figure, None)
png_formatter.for_type(Figure, lambda fig: print_figure(fig, 'png'))
+ svg_formatter.type_printers.pop(Axes, None)
+ png_formatter.for_type(Axes, lambda ax: print_axes(ax, 'png'))
+ svg_formatter.type_printers.pop(AxesImage, None)
+ png_formatter.for_type(AxesImage, lambda ax: print_axes(ax, 'png'))
elif fmt=='svg':
png_formatter.type_printers.pop(Figure, None)
svg_formatter.for_type(Figure, lambda fig: print_figure(fig, 'svg'))
+ png_formatter.type_printers.pop(Axes, None)
+ svg_formatter.for_type(Axes, lambda ax: print_axes(ax, 'svg'))
+ png_formatter.type_printers.pop(AxesImage, None)
+ svg_formatter.for_type(AxesImage, lambda ax: print_axes(ax, 'svg'))
raise ValueError("supported formats are: 'png', 'svg', not %r"%fmt)