Added -q option to %prun for suppression of the output, along with editing the dochelp string. #1218

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No extraneous whitespace changes- I temporarily disabled deleting trailing whitespace in my editor, although it is my opinion that it preferable, generally speaking. I understand the issues of this in a large, long standing project, and am happy to change it for this purpose.

I killed my other branch which I think deleted one of the two outstanding pull requests. The other is here: #1210 and I believe can be closed/rejected as well.

Hopefully this is the last pull request I'll have to do for this simple change. Thanks for the advice and patience everyone! Might I recommend adding something about the trailing whitespace policy to the development docs?

@andrewgiessel andrewgiessel Added -q option to %prun for suppression of the output, along with ed…
…iting the dochelp string. No extraneous whitespace changes
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Thanks! Sorry for the little runaround. This didn't need to be a new pull request, the change could have been made with a git commit --amend to your previous branch, but this is certainly fine, and I'll go ahead and merge.

Re: whitespace - the issue is that we do not have a whitespace policy, so when editors enforce one it can result in committing changes irrelevant to the actual code, which we do try to avoid. If there ever is 'cleanup' to be done, it should be done in isolation, not in the same commit with actual code. I will add a small note to this effect, thanks.

@minrk minrk merged commit f96ba44 into ipython:master Jan 1, 2012
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