fix Magic menu in qtconsole, split in groups #1782

merged 1 commit into from Jun 6, 2012

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partially fixes #1774

alternative to #1776, that also reorganize magic in several menu.
Menu name is decided by inserting space in the CamelCasse name of the class of the magic.


Moreover, if there is a way to know if the magic have to take argument or not (%logstate vs %timeit),
I could tweak the menu to either execute, or to paste the magic at the beginning of the curent line.

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The ... on 'All magics' looks odd, because it has a submenu. Normally, ... implies that clicking on it will bring up some sort of dialog.

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... removed .

@minrk minrk commented on an outdated diff Jun 2, 2012
@@ -322,6 +322,17 @@ def auto_status(self):
"""Return descriptive string with automagic status."""
return self._auto_status[self.auto_magic]
+ def lsmagic_info(self):
+ """return a json encode/decodable dict for frontend
+ mainly needed by qtconsole to build the Magics Menu
+ """
+ magic_list = []
+ for m_type, m_list in self.magics.iteritems() :
+ for m_name, mgc in m_list.iteritems():
+ magic_list.append({'name':m_name, 'type':m_type, 'class':mgc.im_class.__name__})
minrk Jun 2, 2012 IPython member

mgc may be just a function here, in which case this will raise AttributeError on im_class. To see this, simply run this block in the qtconsole on master, where %guiref is such a magic.

@Carreau Carreau fix magic menu in qtconsole
Rearrange magics in menu, organize as submenu based on class of magic
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Thanks, fixed, rebased and squashed to have cleaner commits.

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Does anybody ave something agains me merging it ?
Otherwise i'll do so in 24h.

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merging then...

@Carreau Carreau merged commit 8b00a30 into ipython:master Jun 6, 2012
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