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fperez commented Oct 27, 2010

Implement a number of improvements to version management and reporting, removed all bzr references.

Now, we use a plain version for all development code, but a new IPython.sys_info() provides detailed information including git SHA data. This way we don't mess with ugly version strings all the time but there's an easy way to get it when needed (bug reports, etc).

The sha is also used to tag (via git describe) auto-generated archives (git archive ones), so we'll know when anyone is running form a github download (as opposed to an official tarball).

Along the way I also updated the copyright notices for the key entry points (setup/copying/init), since I was already there, and made a few other minor fixes related to the git machienry (.gitignore).

fperez added some commits Oct 26, 2010

@fperez fperez Clean up version info tools and remove bzr references. 4050155
@fperez fperez Add utility to record commit information in archives/tarballs.
Thanks to Matthew Brett for the contribution (taken from nibabel).

Also, minor cleanups and updates for 2.6/3.x.
@fperez fperez Add support for commit information in auto-generated archives.
This uses the tool to record the commit data from our previous commit,
and ensures that auto-generated archives from Github, for example,
always carry identifying information.

Ideas and code taken from Matthew Brett's tools in nibabel.
@fperez fperez Small fixes to git ignore file be8ee5b
@fperez fperez Fix bug tracker address to point to github 5d1ad43
@fperez fperez Update version info to 2.6 and mention experimental 3.x branch.x 5abd884
@fperez fperez Reflow license file and update with link to Github IPython org page. 5901fcd
@fperez fperez Complete support of git commit info with IPython.sys_info().
This will give us an easy way for users to report platform details,
without trying to cram lots of data into the version string.

Now, the version information in is simple and doesn't
attempt to read version control data at runtime.  We expose sys_info()
as a top-level function so it's very easy to remember/direct for new

Minor doc/copyright notices updates in the same files.
@fperez fperez Fix bug in our specification of data_files.
As best I can tell, we've been mis-specifying data_files for ages.
For some reason with a plain it worked fine, but using a
customized cmdclass for build_py, the error shows up.

The problem was that we were returning a list of triples for
data_files, and the spec clearly says they must be pairs:

ellisonbg commented Oct 29, 2010

I gave this a pretty quick review (skimmed the diff of each file) and things looks good for the most part. I did run the test suite and do a python develop and things look fine. I did not do a detailed review of the intricate parts of the code. Do you think that is needed? But the overall spirit of the changes looks great. Is there anything you want me to look at in detail?


fperez commented Oct 30, 2010

Great, thanks for the review. As per our discussion, merging now, the merge will close it.

@minrk minrk pushed a commit to minrk/ipython that referenced this pull request Jul 1, 2013

@jhamrick jhamrick Override ipython css for .fade
Fixes #188

This issue was closed.

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