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To get a cProfile of ipython inside of the git repo you could run:
"python -m cProfile"

Currently file is wrongly detected and it crashes, after this commit, you get a proper cProfile.

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I know this script is designed to just start ipython from the top-level source dir, but won't this mean that the script will no longer work if curdir is not the top-level source dir? That may be OK though. Can we make it work both ways?


Ha, I found another way (althought, it looks like a hack^^).

This works now both ways (but doesn't look nice anymore at least for me).

@tomspur tomspur Make cProfile-able
When using __file__ on startup and cProfile in the same time, __file__
is defined as the __file__ of cProfile and not the local
With using sys.argv[0] instead, it's possible to get a cProfile.
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This fix does work for me in and out of the directory with, but the following has always worked for me:

python -m cProfile `which ipython`

Brian, should I go ahead and merge this?

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I haven't testing this, but it looks fine.


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