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Windows workdir #198

2 commits merged into from Nov 3, 2010

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ddale commented Nov 2, 2010

The IPython windows installer creates links in the start menu, but the working directory is not specified and defaults to something like C:\Windows . This small patch sets the default working directory to the current user's home directory.

@ddale ddale specify windows working directory
The create_shortcut built-in function used in the windows post-installation
script allows the working directory to be specified. If it is not specified,
the working directory will default to something like "C:\Windows". Specifying
the working directory as "%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%" seems a better default, it
sets the working directory the the current user's home directory.
IPython member
fperez commented Nov 2, 2010

Darren, does the installer actually work? Last time I checked it, I got no Start menu entries made at all, but debugging that stuff is terribly unpleasant and time-consuming, and I couldn't afford the time...

ddale commented Nov 2, 2010

I know, every time I have to work with windows, I work myself into a white-hot fury. That I bothered to offer this improvement is proof of my everlasting love for you, I mean IPython, I mean that I had to do it for a project of my own and wanted IPython to benefit as well.

But you were right, the post-install routines were kinda hosed, especially when setuptools is installed. I just posted an additional commit that takes care of it. As far as I can tell, windows post-installation scripts only work with bdist_wininst, they don't seem to be executed with bdist_msi. Worth bearing in mind when it comes time to cutting a release.

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fperez commented Nov 3, 2010

Thanks a lot, Darren! Given how much I hate debugging that windows installer, you've just earned a beer next time we meet :)

Merging now, merge commit will close the request when I push in a sec.

This issue was closed.
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