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Remove umlauts so py3 installations on LANG=C systems succeed. #2063

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Closes #2057.


@jstenar, are you OK with this? BTW, I also don't use Pérez (my real spelling) but instead use Perez to avoid these kinds of issues. I prefer IPython to be installable than to deal with these bizarre corner cases, but since it does modify how we spell your name in the file, I'd like your OK before we merge it.


Sorry about this - does it mean we need to pull 0.13 (or push 0.13.1 immediately)? If it's not even installable on ascii locales, that's pretty harsh.


See discussion in #2057: I thought the same at first, but it seems that these days, LANG=C is much less common than it used to be, as most *nix platforms do set a UTF-8 locale...

What do you think?


I'm fine with this so I'll go ahead and merge.

@jstenar jstenar merged commit 9964f66 into ipython:master
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@minrk minrk Backport PR #2063: Remove umlauts so py3 installations on LANG=C syst…
…ems succeed.

Closes #2057.
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Commits on Jun 30, 2012
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@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@
'Brian' : ('Brian E Granger', ''),
'Min' : ('Min Ragan-Kelley', ''),
'Thomas' : ('Thomas A. Kluyver', ''),
- 'Jörgen' : ('Jörgen Stenarson', ''),
+ 'Jorgen' : ('Jorgen Stenarson', ''),
'Matthias' : ('Matthias Bussonnier', ''),
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