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robyoung commented Feb 24, 2013

Add the ability to save notebooks in subdirectories under the main notebook directory. Slashes in the notebook name are converted to directory separators, the notebook file name is the last part of the notebook name. On the notebook list view directories are displayed like notebooks but with a + or - to their left. When clicked they expand to show their contents.


ellisonbg commented Feb 25, 2013

@robyoung hi, multidirectory support is something that is on our list of things we would like to get to before our 1.0 release in July:

But it is going to take some very careful thinking and design. I haven't looked at your code, but for big things like this, it is often useful to start with discussion on the mailing list. On our roadmap, this feature is currently lower priority than a lot of other things. What this means is that we probably won't look at this until our higher priority tasks are done - it could be a few months or possibly not even at all for this release. Our current thinking is that while we want to support notebooks in multiple directories, we want to avoid at all costs creating hierarchical file explorer. We have some ideas about how to do this, but it is going to take some time to work out the details.


robyoung commented Feb 25, 2013

Ok, I'll start a conversation on the mailing list. I feel like I should point out, this is not a massive departure from the current approach. Everything is still created in the notebook directory and that cannot be changed. The notebook list response is identical (all be it with slashes in) and only gets turned into a tree by the Javascript.


robyoung commented Feb 25, 2013

Sorry, I've broken this PR by moving the changes into a branch. Now in #2982

@robyoung robyoung closed this Feb 25, 2013

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