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#342: Try to recover as intelligently as possible if user calls magic(). #352

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This was annoying me from the perspective of force-of-habit typing quit() (system install at the lab of IPython 0.8.3 (!!!!!) requires it) but in general, people typing some_magic() with automagic on and expecting results might be awfully surprised by the NameError that results.

This attempts to address the problem in the following way:

  • Check if whatever precedes the first paren in line_info.ifun is a magic, and of course is not shadowed by something in the user namespace
  • Throw out everything after the first paren, as well as the contents of line_info.the_rest (trying to sensibly convert function call syntax to magic-calling syntax in a general way doesn't seem prudent or possible)
  • Visually rewrite as ----> %some_magic so that the user has some clue that what he typed was interpreted as a magic but that the subsequent parenthesized arguments were ignored.

The result looks something like this:

In [6]: quit(5, 4, 3)
------> %quit

Ideally then, individual magics, if they require arguments, will complain about not receiving them, and in the process demonstrate their usage with the correct %foo bar baz way of calling them.

This pull request replaces #345.


How is this pull related to #345?


How is this pull related to #345?

It replaces it and solves the problem more generally. I meant to close the old pull request and in fact clicked the button to do so but was apparently the victim of a network hiccup. The Canadian inter-tubes are still thawing out from the winter, I guess...


OK, looking at the code I think I understand better. But I'm not convinced we should add more input handling logic of this kind. Basically, I think if someone types foo(), then they mean a python call, not a magic. Granted, it may take a little bit to realize that ipython offers two overlapping systems, one for "commands" (magics) and one for pure python code, but anyone using a tool like ipython should figure that out pretty quickly.

Now, as for #342, I think we can address that one slightly differently, but I need to play with some ideas.

But I'm reluctant to add even more text input special-casing, as much of our code on that front is already fairly brittle. What do you think?


BTW, I'm on IRC (freenode, #ipython) if you want to chat live on these two for a moment... That may be more efficient.


I'm not entirely sure, either. @tk suggested that magic() ought to map to %magic for more than just %quit and %exit, and I went further with magic(...) mapping to %magic, but that last step might be too far.

I'll hop on IRC, just need to download a client on this machine. :)


After discussing it with Fernando it was decided this was overkill, and #352 will be reopened.

@dwf dwf closed this
@damianavila damianavila referenced this pull request from a commit
Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
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  1. +16 −2 IPython/core/
18 IPython/core/
@@ -688,14 +688,19 @@ def check(self, line_info):
check_esc_chars. This just checks for automagic. Also, before
triggering the magic handler, make sure that there is nothing in the
user namespace which could shadow it."""
- if not or not hasattr(,'magic_'+line_info.ifun):
+ ifun = line_info.ifun
+ # Try to recover if someone mistakenly tries to call quit(),
+ # exit(), Exit(), guiref()... magicname plus paren...
+ is_magic_w_paren = hasattr(, 'magic_' + ifun.split('(', 1)[0])
+ if not or (not hasattr(,'magic_'+ifun)
+ and not is_magic_w_paren):
return None
# We have a likely magic method. Make sure we should actually call it.
if line_info.continue_prompt and not self.prefilter_manager.multi_line_specials:
return None
- head = line_info.ifun.split('.',1)[0]
+ head = ifun.split('(', 1)[0].split('.',1)[0]
if is_shadowed(head,
return None
@@ -869,6 +874,15 @@ def handle(self, line_info):
"""Execute magic functions."""
ifun = line_info.ifun
the_rest = line_info.the_rest
+ # Try to accomodate magic calls with erroneous parens
+ if '(' in ifun:
+ ifun = ifun.split('(', 1)[0]
+ # Just ignore anything after the open paren. The auto_rewrite_input
+ # will make clear that the input was rewritten, and individual
+ # magics should print a useful error message that show how to call.
+ the_rest = ''
+ + ifun)
cmd = '%sget_ipython().magic(%s)' % (line_info.pre_whitespace,
make_quoted_expr(ifun + " " + the_rest))
return cmd
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