Fixes to the display system #370

merged 4 commits into from May 17, 2011
Commits on May 17, 2011
  1. Renaming the special methods of the formatters.

    ellisonbg committed Apr 11, 2011
    The IPython formatters use special methods to compute the format
    of objects. These special methods have names like "__html__", but
    with this commit these have been changed to "_repr_html_".
    I have also added a Javascript formatter and fixed a bug in
    pylab tools in getfigs.
  2. Renamed __pretty__ to _repr_pretty_ and changed updated

    ellisonbg committed May 17, 2011
    * Throughout the codebase, __pretty__ has been changed to
      _repr_pretty_ to match general convention for special method
    * The logic in now matches that in in that
      formatters that are callables are tried first and then special
      methods are used.
  3. Misc updates the display system.

    ellisonbg committed May 17, 2011
    * PNG base64 encoding is now done at the ZMQ level, not in the
      display formatter itself.
    * All formatters are documented as to the exact nature of their
      return value. PNGs are not base64 encoded, LaTeX must include
      $/$$, Javascript should not have the <script> tags, etc.
    * Updated the Circle display example in docs/examples/core.
    * Renamed the sympy printing extension to