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Update What's new documentation #407

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I thought I'd get the ball rolling on updating the What's new document. I've added the ZMQ architecture both for kernel-client use and parallel computing. I'm sure there's a lot more to mention, so consider this a friendly nudge to update it.

I've removed the bug fixes section entirely, because there's no way we could list them all. And I've checked that the docs still build.


Good start, thanks! Merging now...

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Commits on May 3, 2011
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40 docs/source/whatsnew/development.txt
@@ -2,9 +2,16 @@
Development version
+The changes listed here are a brief summary of the substantial work on IPython
+since the 0.10.x release series. For more details, please consult the actual
Main `ipython` branch
As of the 0.11 version of IPython, a signifiant portion of the core has been
refactored. This refactoring is founded on a number of new abstractions.
The main new classes that implement these abstractions are:
@@ -20,12 +27,25 @@ these classes, but for now our :ref:`configuration documentation
<config_overview>` contains a high level overview of the concepts that these
classes express.
-The changes listed here are a brief summary of the recent work on IPython.
-For more details, please consult the actual source.
+ZMQ architecture
+There is a new GUI framework for IPython, based on a client-server model in
+which multiple clients can communicate with one IPython kernel, using the
+ZeroMQ messaging framework. There is already a Qt console client, which can
+be started by calling ``ipython-qtconsole``. The protocol is :ref:`documented
+The parallel computing framework has also been rewritten using ZMQ. The
+protocol is described :ref:`here <parallel_messages>`, and the code is in the
+new :mod:`IPython.parallel` module.
New features
+* The input history is now written to an SQLite database. The API for
+ retrieving items from the history has also been redesigned.
* The :mod:`IPython.extensions.pretty` extension has been moved out of
quarantine and fully updated to the new extension API.
@@ -136,22 +156,6 @@ New features
for managing the event loops in their interactive GUI applications.
Examples can be found in our :file:`docs/examples/lib` directory.
-Bug fixes
-* Previously, the latex Sphinx docs were in a single chapter. This has been
- fixed by adding a sixth argument of True to the ``latex_documents``
- attribute of :file:``.
-* The ``psum`` example in the MPI documentation has been updated to mpi4py
- version 1.1.0. Thanks to J. Thomas for this fix.
-* The top-level, zero-install :file:`` script has been updated to
- the new application launching API.
-* Keyboard interrupts now work with GUI support enabled across all platforms
- and all GUI toolkits reliably.
Backwards incompatible changes
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