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Make ipython-qtconsole a GUI script #422

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The 'ipython-qtconsole' script is now configured as a GUI script in setuptools.

This only really matters on Windows: it ensures that pythonw is used for the script. This is not a big deal for developers but is a good thing to have for the 0.11 release, I think.


I see no problem with this other than possibly the copying of find_scripts to find_gui_scripts. Our setup code for finding packages and scripts is ludicrously complicated at this point, resulting in the just about every new package or script not being properly installed under some circumstances for weeks or months after being added. Maybe implement this inside one find_scripts method that returns:

if entry_points:
    return {'console_scripts' : [cscripts], 'gui_scripts' : [gscripts]}}
    return [allscripts]

So we can just do:

setuptools_extra_args['entry_points'] = find_scripts(True)
 setup_args['scripts'] = find_scripts(False)

Yes, that is better. Will do when I get a chance.


Look good?


yes, great. Go ahead and merge.

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Commits on May 9, 2011
  1. @epatters
Commits on May 10, 2011
  1. @epatters
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@@ -210,9 +210,7 @@ def cleanup():
if 'setuptools' in sys.modules:
setuptools_extra_args['zip_safe'] = False
- setuptools_extra_args['entry_points'] = {
- 'console_scripts': find_scripts(True)
- }
+ setuptools_extra_args['entry_points'] = find_scripts(True)
setup_args['extras_require'] = dict(
parallel = 'pyzmq>=2.1.4',
zmq = 'pyzmq>=',
@@ -267,12 +267,10 @@ def find_scripts(entry_points=False):
return setuptools entry_point-style definitions
return file paths of plain scripts [default]
if entry_points:
- scripts = [
+ console_scripts = [
'ipython = IPython.frontend.terminal.ipapp:launch_new_instance',
- 'ipython-qtconsole = IPython.frontend.qt.console.ipythonqt:main',
'pycolor = IPython.utils.PyColorize:main',
'ipcontroller = IPython.parallel.apps.ipcontrollerapp:launch_new_instance',
'ipengine = IPython.parallel.apps.ipengineapp:launch_new_instance',
@@ -281,6 +279,10 @@ def find_scripts(entry_points=False):
'iptest = IPython.testing.iptest:main',
'irunner = IPython.lib.irunner:main'
+ gui_scripts = [
+ 'ipython-qtconsole = IPython.frontend.qt.console.ipythonqt:main',
+ ]
+ scripts = dict(console_scripts=console_scripts, gui_scripts=gui_scripts)
parallel_scripts = pjoin('IPython','parallel','scripts')
main_scripts = pjoin('IPython','scripts')
@@ -294,8 +296,7 @@ def find_scripts(entry_points=False):
pjoin(main_scripts, 'pycolor'),
pjoin(main_scripts, 'irunner'),
pjoin(main_scripts, 'iptest')
- ]
+ ]
return scripts
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