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Frontend for two process model.
->Some KernelManager's Hendlers implemented
->Prompt Numeration for inputs and outputs
->All command line arguments for connection with a opened kernel eg: frontend -e --xreq 52797 --sub 38906 --rep 40895 --hb 4320
->Tab-completion bugs fixed (Thanks to Thomas)
->raw_input captured
->Print beautiful tracebacks
->Support colors in outputs
->Support Crtl+C to send the signal SIGINT
->Heartbeat's verification.


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An organisational detail - would it make sense to put these files in a separate module under frontend? Something like IPython/frontend/zmq-terminal?


I think that is good idea.

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We should also have a script that gets installed so we can start it easily. Something like ipython-zmqterm?

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Oh, and unicode input! a = u"€" blows it up at the moment.

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Would it make sense to subclass TerminalInteractiveShell, and overload the relevant methods (like run_cell?) A lot of the stuff like readline handling, inputsplitter, displaying prompts, and so on, is going to be the same.

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I've updated this to subclass the InteractiveShell and Application from the regular terminal frontend. This means the configuration, colors, prompts, etc. are all inherited, but the underlying execution and completion code you wrote is the same.

See here.

Still some work to be done, particularly wrt KeyboardInterrupts, but basic functionality is working.

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Closing this one, as it's included in Min's PR #708.

@takluyver takluyver closed this Sep 3, 2011
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