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Fix issue 447 - inspecting old-style classes. #449

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3 participants


Tweak so it doesn't fail on old style classes. Added test.

Closes gh-447


You can just do callable_obj = getattr(obj, '__init__', obj). A class object itself is callable.

It is, but getargspec won't handle a class.


Interesting, because I made exactly this change and it works just fine.

class A:

correctly shows 'doc' in the tooltip.

The bit that gets the docstring is working already, this is just an incidental error in with old-style classes. I've just checked, and we catch the error from getargspec, so the result will be the same. I went for catching AttributeError because it's a pattern that's used several times already in the info method.


Fair enough. I still like getattr(obj, '__init__', None) better than 4 lines, but that's not important. I say merge.

Actually, yes. While we're here, let's make it tidy...


I wish to preemptively apologize for this and future things I will break in iPython. By mid-July, I expect I will know the code base well enough to start pitching in.

Thanks guys :)


@meawoppl: Don't worry - you didn't break it, you just found that it was already broken. We like people to find bugs before release. Especially when they're easily fixed, like this one.

Waiting an hour or so for any objections, then we'll merge, since it's a small fix.

@takluyver takluyver merged commit 12af0e2 into ipython:master
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  1. +2 −1  IPython/core/
  2. +12 −0 IPython/core/tests/
3  IPython/core/
@@ -662,7 +662,8 @@ def info(self, obj, oname='', formatter=None, info=None, detail_level=0):
# from its __call__ method.
if inspect.isclass(obj):
- callable_obj = obj.__init__
+ # Old-style classes need not have an __init__
+ callable_obj = getattr(obj, "__init__", None)
elif callable(obj):
callable_obj = obj
12 IPython/core/tests/
@@ -44,6 +44,10 @@ def __call__(self, *a, **kw):
def method(self, x, z=2):
"""Some method's docstring"""
+class OldStyle:
+ """An old-style class for testing."""
+ pass
def f(x, y=2, *a, **kw):
"""A simple function."""
@@ -117,3 +121,11 @@ def test_info():
nt.assert_equal(i['class_docstring'], Call.__doc__)
nt.assert_equal(i['init_docstring'], Call.__init__.__doc__)
nt.assert_equal(i['call_docstring'], c.__call__.__doc__)
+ # Test old-style classes, which for example may not have an __init__ method.
+ i =
+ nt.assert_equal(i['type_name'], 'classobj')
+ i =
+ nt.assert_equal(i['type_name'], 'instance')
+ nt.assert_equal(i['docstring'], OldStyle.__doc__)
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