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don't move old config files, keep nagging the user #565

merged 1 commit into from Jul 13, 2011
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@@ -434,13 +434,7 @@ def check_for_old_config(ipython_dir=None):
if filehash(f) == old_config_md5.get(cfg, ''):
- oldf = f+'.old'
- i = 0
- while os.path.exists(oldf):
- oldf = f+'.old.%i'%i
- i += 1
- os.rename(f, oldf)
- warn.warn("Renamed old IPython config file '%s' to '%s'." % (f, oldf))
+ warn.warn("Found old IPython config file %r (modified by user)"%f)
warned = True
if warned:
@@ -451,6 +445,6 @@ def check_for_old_config(ipython_dir=None):
To start configuring IPython, do `ipython profile create`, and edit
`ipython_config.py` in <ipython_dir>/profile_default.
If you need to leave the old config files in place for an older version of
- IPython, set `c.InteractiveShellApp.ignore_old_config=True` in the new config.""")
+ IPython and want to suppress this warning message, set
+ `c.InteractiveShellApp.ignore_old_config=True` in the new config.""")