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Using Qt console from IPython dev repo, i found out i'm missing the "Ctrl-R" feature from readline (search in
history), a feature difficult to emulate exactly.

This suggested patch make use of the shift modifier to implement the same behavior in an easier way.


Thanks, Benjamin. We're focussing on getting 0.11 out now, so it might be a few days before someone goes over this.


The patch looks good to me. It would be nice to add a note to guiref so this has a hope of being discovered.

But like Thomas said, with 0.11 so near it is probably best to hold off on the merge for now. Thanks again for the patch.

fperez commented Jul 30, 2011

Benjamin, if you have a chance to update this PR with a small note about the feature in %guiref, located in /zmq/zmqshell.py, that would be awesome. We won't have a chance to merge this for a few more days (trying to actually release 0.11 :) so there's no rush.

Very happy to have this feature, it's been requested a lot already. Many thanks for the work!!

epatters commented Aug 4, 2011

I cherry picked the commit, added a note to %guiref, and pushed to master. Thanks for the patch!

@epatters epatters closed this Aug 4, 2011
fperez commented Aug 4, 2011

@epatters, much appreciated!

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