add ssh tunnel support to qtconsole #686

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title pretty much covers it.

This adds init_ssh step to qtconsole app, which will use the ssh tunneling code used elsewhere to forward connections.

So, in addition to pasting the usual --existing..., just add --ssh=foo, and you should be set.

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This is excellent, the only thing I'd like to see is a short section added to the qt console docs explaining users how to call it. It will save us from answering that question more than once on-list.

@fperez fperez commented on an outdated diff Aug 16, 2011
@@ -25,6 +26,7 @@ import sys
from IPython.external.qt import QtGui
from pygments.styles import get_all_styles
+# from IPython.external.ssh import tunnel
fperez Aug 16, 2011 IPython member

This should probably just be deleted, since it's commented out.

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@fperez I fixed the comment you mentioned with a slightly more substantial change (I fixed the circular import altogether by making external.ssh as standalone as it should be in the first place). I'm working on the doc now.

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doc updated, can probably be merged

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except right now it won't merge anymore, there's a conflict on ssh/ Can you have a look?

minrk added some commits Aug 8, 2011
@minrk minrk add ssh tunnel support to qtconsole fcf87c2
@minrk minrk Remove IPython dependency in external.ssh
copy parallel.util.select_random_ports into external.ssh.tunnel

This lets external.ssh be moved to another project without IPython, only changing the pexpect import.

This also resolves a circular import in the qtconsole
@minrk minrk increase default ssh tunnel timeout to 60 seconds
also expose timeout to tunnel_connection function
@minrk minrk add security / ssh tunnel notes to qtconsole docs d3a4730
@minrk minrk fix key->kbd role name for keys in qt doc fc63d37
@minrk minrk fix check/try typo in paramiko_tunnel c001961
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Roger - enginessh touched external.ssh as well, which was already merged. I rebased that one, because I thought this had already been merged. Now it should be clean.

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Looking great, thanks! Merging now.

@fperez fperez merged commit ba8f067 into ipython:master Aug 17, 2011
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