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minrk commented Aug 17, 2011

This extends #433 to use TerminalInteractiveShell/TerminalIPythonApp subclasses, so all our configuration, etc. is inherited as you would expect.

Not ready for merge because, among other things, ctrl-C crashes the kernel. Mostly posted as a starting point for someone else to take over finishing this client.

As far as I can tell, it's already quite functional as long as you never hit ctrl-C :).

omazapa and others added some commits Jan 30, 2011
@omazapa @minrk omazapa basic kernelmanager and frontend wrote, support indentation but it do…
…nt run code yet
@omazapa @minrk omazapa working in handlers 0a7161e
@omazapa @minrk omazapa working in tab completion 1e1f981
@omazapa @minrk omazapa completer not working fine 83f4e6f
@omazapa @minrk omazapa little bug fixed in kernelmanager's queues eb57363
@omazapa @minrk omazapa raw_input captured and working fine 6051b91
@omazapa @minrk omazapa -mworking in tab-completion 22843e0
@omazapa @minrk omazapa tab completion is not working yet, unknow error bfc9430
@takluyver @minrk takluyver Make readline tab-completion work in two-process terminal frontend. 2e6f2ac
@omazapa @minrk omazapa little bug fixed in pyout message print. cd21306
@omazapa @minrk omazapa bug fixed prompt count using differents clients 79048f7
@omazapa @minrk omazapa traceback support added be18348
@omazapa @minrk omazapa bug fixed in prompt count after traceback cb7e461
@takluyver @minrk takluyver Replace tabs with spaces 020805c
@takluyver @minrk takluyver Separate out frontend.zmqterminal package. 127d459
@takluyver @minrk takluyver zmqterminal frontend now uses IPythonInputSplitter, and non-ascii cha…
…racters work.
@takluyver @minrk takluyver Minor tidying up of zmqterminal.frontend ef40f1f
@takluyver @minrk takluyver Minor tidy up of zmqterminal.completer 8d4a68b
@takluyver @minrk takluyver Refactor and simplification of zmqterminal. 3d4b21e
@takluyver @minrk takluyver Simplify handling of messaging in zmqterminal. 3b16045
@takluyver @minrk takluyver Nicer prompt formatting in zmqterminal, and use print_function. e3f9bc7
@minrk minrk rebased and updated to master d8d6bdf
@minrk minrk zmqterminal subclasses TerminalInteractiveShell/IPApp
this does a lot of the boiler plate for us, so Omar's communication
code is used in place of run_cell / complete.

Now colors, prompts, indentation, cl-args, etc. are all inherited
from regular existing code.

keyboard interrupts don't work yet, the kernel just dies...
ivanov commented Oct 8, 2011

this would be really nice to get back plain terminal ipython with the two-process connection capability. For one, it would enable Django-shell embedding to work with vim-ipython in a simlpe and straightfoward manner - which was recently requested in ivanov/vim-ipython#11 and I pointed them to this PR.

ivanov commented Oct 13, 2011

closing this one, since #864 will supersede it as

@ivanov ivanov closed this Oct 13, 2011
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