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fperez commented Oct 11, 2011

Updates the backgroundjobs module and adds both a test suite and an illustrative notebook. I actually realized, in the conversation on gh-844, that this was pretty useful code.

I don't have time now to complete bringing the %bg magic back, but that would be pretty easy. But otherwise I think this is useful code.

BTW, right now if one moves to a new cell with a background job printing in an old one, and execute the new cell, futher output from the old bg job shows up in the new cell. It seems to me that we should be able to track the origin of the messages and ensure that they continue appearing in their cell of origin. But I've run out of time to dig into that part of the code, so unless @minrk or @ellisonbg knows off the top of your head how to fix that, we can leave it for later. But it would make for very neat and useful patterns, leaving tasks in the background that continue updating a given cell...

fperez added some commits Oct 10, 2011
@fperez fperez Update backgroundjobs lib to current APIs.
This still doesn't bring the %bg magic back in, but it ensures the
basic library works with current code.
@fperez fperez Cleanup the API of backgroundjobs to be more convenient to use.
Add support for automatic printing of all tracebacks.

The script at the bottom was removed, as a separate notebook will
illustrate use in a more convenient fashion.
@fperez fperez Add a notebook illustrating the backgroundjobs library. 7fbfb3c
@fperez fperez Add basic test suite to background jobs library. eac11eb
minrk commented Oct 16, 2011

This looks good to me.

I don't think attaching output to cells other than the current one is very simple. The issue is tracking the parent message, which we do at the beginning of execute requests here. Any print/display calls made after that will be attached to that parent, including those made in threads which launched earlier. What you want would require that background threads are not affected by later calls to set_parent(). This essentially means that in the scope of the Thread, shell.displayhook, shell.display_pub, sys.stdout, and sys.stderr must all somehow be different objects from those in the regular scope. I don't know how that's really possible, but the only alternative I see would be to add inspect calls to IOStream.write, which would walk up into some identifying frame to get the appropriate parent on every single call, and have to add extra flushes in case it has pending messages from a previous parent, to prevent collisions.

With the current model, Threads have no attachment whatsoever to the cell that launched them. By launching something in a thread, you are divorcing that code from the cell in which it launched.

fperez commented Oct 16, 2011

Thanks for the review, @minrk. Good analysis on the thread/stdout question, thanks. We'll just table that idea for now: it's not like it's any worse than threads at a terminal, so I have no problem moving on as-is. I'll merge this now then, one less thing to linger.

@fperez fperez merged commit c40702c into ipython:master Oct 16, 2011
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