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Fix for issue #800 #859

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Just getting started with github and ipython. The issue should be fixed in my commit. Did what @heplesser suggested.

Daniel Velkov fixed issue #800 ef03f85

Nice! thanks for the fix.

@minrk minrk merged commit 3cd2110 into ipython:master
@ellisonbg ellisonbg referenced this pull request from a commit
Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
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Commits on Oct 11, 2011
  1. fixed issue #800

    Daniel Velkov committed
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  1. +1 −1  IPython/core/
2  IPython/core/
@@ -1704,7 +1704,7 @@ def magic_run(self, parameter_s ='',runner=None,
t_sys = t1[1]-t0[1]
print "\nIPython CPU timings (estimated):"
print "Total runs performed:",nruns
- print " Times : %10.2f %10.2f" % ('Total','Per run')
+ print " Times : %10s %10s" % ('Total','Per run')
print " User : %10.2f s, %10.2f s." % (t_usr,t_usr/nruns)
print " System : %10.2f s, %10.2f s." % (t_sys,t_sys/nruns)
twall1 = time.time()
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