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Fix issue #880 - more useful message to user when %paste fails #999

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When tkinter is not installed and '%paste' is run, the user is now prompted to install it.

Initializes TryNext exception in CommandChainDispatcher with args/kwargs to present a message to the user with the traceback.

@mattrco mattrco Fix issue #880 - initialize TryNext with args and kwargs.
Presents a message to the user along with the traceback prompting them to install tkinter.

Thanks, Matt. I think it would be good to also catch this exception in magic_paste (see here), and just print an error message instead of showing an unhelpful traceback.


Sounds good - and I'll also clean up the message. Still getting to grips with the codebase somewhat.


No worries - part of the idea behind quickfix bugs is to get new people into the code.


@MattCottingham: Have you had a chance to have another look at this? Don't worry if not.


@takluyver, afraid I haven't had a chance this week - but I will have more time this coming week. Though if somebody else would like to fix it don't let this block them :)


@takluyver, I've made a quick update to catch the exception in magic_paste. If an error message is provided, that is printed. Otherwise, if no other details are provided, a more generic message is printed.

In some ways I'd like to re-raise in magic_paste and handle the exception in the caller, but I realise that's not quite how TryNext is used across the project.

Any suggestions for improvement welcome!

@takluyver takluyver merged commit 205731a into ipython:master

That's great. Don't worry, we don't generally raise exceptions from magic_* functions.

I've made one tiny change, so the error is a little bit tidier (213b5ed), and merged it.

@damianavila damianavila referenced this pull request from a commit
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Commits on Nov 14, 2011
  1. @mattrco

    Fix issue #880 - initialize TryNext with args and kwargs.

    mattrco committed
    Presents a message to the user along with the traceback prompting them to install tkinter.
Commits on Nov 21, 2011
  1. @mattrco
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2  IPython/core/
@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ def __call__(self,*args, **kw):
args = exc.args
kw = exc.kwargs
# if no function will accept it, raise TryNext up to the caller
- raise TryNext
+ raise TryNext(*args, **kw)
def __str__(self):
return str(self.chain)
15 IPython/frontend/terminal/
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
from IPython.utils import py3compat
from IPython.utils.terminal import toggle_set_term_title, set_term_title
from IPython.utils.process import abbrev_cwd
-from IPython.utils.warn import warn
+from IPython.utils.warn import warn, error
from IPython.utils.text import num_ini_spaces
from IPython.utils.traitlets import Int, CBool, Unicode
@@ -611,9 +611,16 @@ def magic_paste(self, parameter_s=''):
if opts.has_key('r'):
- text =
- block = self._strip_pasted_lines_for_code(text.splitlines())
+ try:
+ text =
+ block = self._strip_pasted_lines_for_code(text.splitlines())
+ except TryNext as clipboard_exc:
+ message = getattr(clipboard_exc, 'args')
+ if message:
+ error(message)
+ else:
+ error('Could not get text from the clipboard.')
+ return
# By default, echo back to terminal unless quiet mode is requested
if not opts.has_key('q'):
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