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Official repository for IPython itself. Other repos in the IPython organization contain things like the website, documentation builds, etc.
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Welcome to IPython. Our documentation can be found in the docs/source
subdirectory. We also have ``.html`` and ``.pdf`` versions of this
documentation available on the IPython `website <>`_.

Dependencies and supported Python versions

For full details, see the installation section of the manual.  The basic parts
of IPython only need the Python standard library, but much of its more advanced
functionality requires extra packages.

Officially, IPython requires Python version 2.5 or 2.6.  We have *not* yet
started to port IPython to Python 3.0.

.. warning::

    IPython 0.10 has only been well tested with Python 2.5 and 2.6.  Parts of
    it may work with Python 2.4, but we do not officially support Python 2.4
    anymore.  If you need to use 2.4, you can still run IPython 0.9.
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