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Latest commit 31087f @minrk minrk Merge pull request #8889 from jdfreder/latexdoc
Better document the %%latex magic latex support.
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magics Merge pull request #8889 from jdfreder/latexdoc
profile remove bundled profiles
tests TEST: Add a regression test. Created new sub-packages. update dependency imports Use instances of traits instead of trait classes update copyright to 2011/20xx-2011 deprecate auto-injection of deep-reload Removed another of the tweaks, and added a note in that it is largely… MNT: use back-ported signature on py2 Initial messing around. Python 3 compatibility for os.getcwdu() Fix #8077 for non-quit pdb exits. ipython_kernel is now ipykernel Use instances of traits instead of trait classes Fix test after rebase update dependency imports MAINT: Move `InputRejected` to `IPython.core.error`. Remove EventManager reset methods, because they violate encapsulation. Fix tests in IPython.core use try/except also for Py2. Use instances of traits instead of trait classes Remove unused imports from IPython.core Merge pull request #8311 from thedrow/topic/fix-history-crash update dependency imports BUG: Fix incorrect argument signature for show_in_pager dummy hook. SyntaxWarning in compile indicates invalid input Fixed whitespace bug when pasting IPython continuation prompt. fixed exit confirmation glitch worjk latex completion and back Clean up converted code. Replace references to unicode and basestring Use isinstance Produce rst-compatible options lists from magic_arguments handle multiple decorators in oinspect Added comments and an exception message update dependency imports add InteractiveShell.display_page config update dependency imports ipython_kernel is now ipykernel Remove old unused class Be a little smarter about invisible characters in terminal prompts ipython_kernel is now ipykernel back to dev => core/ and updated imports. Use instances of traits instead of trait classes rollback UsageError for cell magic mid-cell DOC: Better attribution to bugfix author. provided more history examples in quick reference
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