Cookbook: Notebook utilities

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Notebook utilities

Here are some useful utilities which currently exist as gists, but which could benefit from being wrapped up and folded into IPython commandline tools, such as nbconvert. - For each ipynb file, a kernel is started, all cells are executed in order and exceptions occuring in the cells will show up as failed tests. - simple example script for running notebooks and reporting exceptions. - simple example script for running and testing notebooks. Each cell is submitted to the kernel, and the outputs are compared with those stored in the notebook. - remove all outputs from a notebook - selectively replacing code cells based on their contents. Example: cells which start off with "# Solution" get replaced with "# Solution goes here" - Example configuration file for using the IPython Notebook with a random password - Downgrade v3 .ipynb files to v2 (for use with older versions of IPython) - Concatenate multiple notebooks into a new one. - Seamlessly save and load notebook files to and from AWS S3 buckets.