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Cookbook: IPython and Emacs

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rileyrgdev AT gmail DOT net

I found this which got me up and running with IPython integrated nicely into emacs 23.

my python integration is now like this:

(setq load-path
      (append (list nil

(require 'ipython)
(setq py-python-command-args '( "-colors" "Linux"))

(defadvice py-execute-buffer (around python-keep-focus activate)
  "return focus to python code buffer"
  (save-excursion ad-do-it))

(setenv "PYMACS_PYTHON" "python2.5") 
(require 'pymacs)

(pymacs-load "ropemacs" "rope-")

(provide 'python-programming)

Note the defadvice to return focus to the python buffer you py-execute-buffer from: it does not work. Can anyone explain why not?

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