Cookbook: Ignoring some commands in history

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This hack emulates the HISTIGNORE functionality in bash. It only hides relevant commands in the readline UI, not the internal history file. To use, run it at startup via c.InteractiveShellApp.exec_files in your

# our history_ignore predicate
history_ignore = lambda str: str.startswith("cd")

# hijack the readline.add_history method
get_ipython().readline.old_add_history = get_ipython().readline.add_history
def my_add_history(str):
    if not history_ignore(str):

get_ipython().readline.add_history = my_add_history

#Force a readline history reload, forcing it to go through our hacked method
#WARNING: this relies on the internals of ipython refilling the history with "refill_readline_hist"
#This is up to date Oct 2011, but may change in the future.