Dev: Meeting, January 2014

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  • reviewing widgets stuff
    Design questions:

    • get_msg_cell, get_cell callback - should this callback exist for all IPython notebook messages?
    • How do we want to use require as it relates to our main.js and the IPython namespace?
    • Do width and height attribute for all of the widgets? Should they use css?
    • Widget binding to other widgets?
    • Do we want to expose flexible box model to users in Python?
  • notebook storage & contents webservice

  • nbviewer future plans
  • discovery of running notebook servers
  • kernel registry - and separating config for servers/users/kernels/notebooks

Design of multiuser server

  • pluggable authentication
  • unix user model: what parts of collaboration fit well with this, which ones don't?
  • concept of projects? Is that the sharing unit?
  • separate codebase for server vs. current server code.
    • What can be reused?
    • Does the multiuser server start single-user ones?