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Extensions you can install for IPython are listed here. To create a new extension, please refer to the extension docs.

The install_ext magic has been removed from IPython. Extensions should be published as Python packages, and installed with pip.

ActiveState Code Recipes magics

Allows querying ActiveState Code Recipes


Download from: https://raw.github.com/debjan/ipython-recipes-magic/master/recipes.py


Asymptote is a powerful vector graphics language for generating scientific diagrams.

This IPython magic extension makes it easy to create and display Asymptote diagrams within an IPython notebook.

See the example notebook for installation instruction and example of how to use this magic extension.

AsyncIO Magic

An extension for IPython that help to run AsyncIO code in your interactive session.


Download from: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Gr1N/asyncio-ipython-magic/master/asynciomagic.py


BeakerX is a collection of kernels and extensions to the Jupyter interactive computing environment. It provides JVM support, interactive plots, tables, forms, publishing, and more. BeakerX supports:

  • Groovy, Scala, Clojure, Kotlin, Java, and SQL, including many magics;
  • Widgets for time-series plotting, tables, forms, and more (there are Python and JavaScript APIs in addition to the JVM languages);
  • One-click publication with interactive plots and tables, and
  • Jupyter Lab (alpha quality).



Enables matplotlib themes that match base16 notebook themes.


Example Screenshot


Enables the possibility to use Brython in the notebook so you can interact with the notebook or use javascript libraries without having to write [much] javascript.


Some notebooks:

To install:

Download from: https://raw.github.com/kikocorreoso/brythonmagic/master/brythonmagic.py

Cassandra (CQL3) integration

Query cassandra directly from ipython.


pip install ipython-cql

Example Screenshot

CSV Magic

Tools for quickly importing and exporting data from CSV files.


Download from: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FrankSalad/ipython-csvmagic/master/csvtools.py

Django ORM magic

Define your django models in a cell and use them on the fly. Let the magic do the boring part.


Download from: https://raw.github.com/mgaitan/django-orm-magic/master/django_orm_magic.py

ipythonPexpect magic

A magic that allows IPython notebooks to interface with other programs via Pexpect (written by Adam Lyon).

  • Example notebook - including interfacing with bash, R, and CERN's ROOT system.

To install :

Download from: https://cdcvs.fnal.gov/redmine/projects/ipython_ext/repository/revisions/master/raw/ipythonPexpect.py

fortran magic

Compile and import everything from a Fortran code cell, using f2py.

To install :

Download from: https://raw.github.com/mgaitan/fortran_magic/master/fortranmagic.py

clrmagic (C# cell magic for IPython kernel)

Compile and import everything from a C# (CLR) code cell, using pythonnet.

To install :

pip install clrmagic
%reload_ext clrmagic


ferret, the Data Visualisation and Analysis software from NOAA/PMEL, can now be integrated into notebooks using the ipython ferretmagic extension. Install instructions and examples are included in notebooks on the GitHub page.


To install:

pip install ferretmagic

In ipython notebooks,

%load_ext ferretmagic


With this extension you can use LATEX style references within IPython (Notebook) while still using markdown for formatting.


Example Notebook

To install:

Download from: https://gist.github.com/z-m-k/6080008/raw/7611cb869b5ff162d00e95856054b887b0b0d095/ipyBibtex.py


Enables calculations involving units, such as (5 m/s) * (3 s). It also defines a range of physical constants, such as the speed of light in a vacuum, and the mass of an electron.


To install:

    Download from: https://bitbucket.org/birkenfeld/ipython-physics/raw/default/physics.py

Note: In the latest version, quantities with uncertainties are supported if the uncertainties module is installed.

%hierarchy and %%dot magics

The %hierarchy magic command draws an inheritance diagram of the given class or object. With the %%dot cell magic, you can write graphiz dot language in a cell.


To install:

  Download from: https://raw.github.com/tkf/ipython-hierarchymagic/master/hierarchymagic.py

%importfile magic

%importfile tries to import Python file in most "natural way". For example, if you have spam/egg/module.py, spam/egg/__init__.py and spam/__init__.py, you would want import module.py as spam.egg.module, not as module or egg.module. %importfile tries several heuristics to find the best "module path".


To install:

  Download from: https://raw.github.com/tkf/ipython-importfilemagic/master/importfilemagic.py


  %importfile PATH/TO/SOME/FILE.py


Interactive plotting in notebook using the flot library, use the ipython-flot package.


A Notebook example can be found here. This is not an extension, so it does not need %install_ext nor %load_ext to work.


The Bitey extension adds a %%bitey cell magic for automatically compiling C (or C++) code into LLVM bitcode and loading the bitcode with Bitey. See also a sample notebook.


To install:

    Download from: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/bfroehle/3458310/raw/biteymagic.py

Magic Markdown

IPython cell magic with the %%mmd command allows to include python expressions (and other things) in a markdown text. The cells can be edited as markdown, python expression are indicated by the double mustaches.


To install:

pip install magic-markdown


Mathematica can be integrated into notebooks using the IPython-mathematicamagic-extension. Install instructions and examples are included in a notebook on the GitHub page. Requires the mathlink python module distributed with Mathematica.



The Python MATLAB bridge enables calling of MATLAB code and functions from an IPython session and adds a %%matlab cell magic, which allows embedding matlab code in IPython notebooks.



imatlab is a Jupyter kernel for MATLAB.


Provides magics for embedding IDL and GDL code using pIDLy.


To install:

Download from: https://raw.github.com/ebellm/ipython-idlmagic/master/idlmagic.py


Allows to check for the pep8 styleguide using the cellmagic %%pep8.


To install:

    Download from: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/SiggyF/notebooks/master/pep8_magic.py

An example is provided here.

px magic

Executes shell command and returns stdout as a file like object (pipe). This will make it easy to e.g. read tabular output from shell commands to pandas DataFrame:s.

To install:

    Download from: https://gist.github.com/kpalin/ec5264445dbb56616d6e/raw/94fe58912752ca2e4b0b20d38674ee8dea69d003/pxmagic.py

An example is provided here.


Enables conversion of simple expressions to a nice Tex Representation.

To install:

    Download from: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BekeJ/py2tex/master/py2tex.py

An example is provided here.

The Unum class is supported for unit-aware calculation.


Reset namespace and automatically (re)load several modules immediately thereafter.


To install (from the command line):

    pip install duster


Query a Neo4J graph database with Cypher and get back the results in Python data structures.


To install (from the command line):

    pip install icypher


Magic function for accessing IPython's rich display system without having to explicitly import and call its various classes.


To install (from the command line):

    pip install idisplay


A numpy extension for IPython. Autocomplete recarray.


To install:

    Download from: https://raw.github.com/piti118/inumpy/master/inumpy.py


Query OrientDB via IPython using OrientDB SQL or Gremlin.


To install:

    pip install iorient

PlantUML integration

Generate inline, PlantUML-based SVG UML diagrams.


pip install iplantuml


Cell magics for generating PostScript 2D graphics (using Ghostscript) and RenderMan 3D graphics (using Aqsis), and also audio via Csound.



Create richly formatted data tables in IPython Notebooks.




Small tool to convert an IPython notebook to html and upload the result to your wordpress blog using XML-RPC.


[Maybe this is not the appropriate place for this but I couldn't find a better place]


Automagically import missing modules into the user namespace.


SQLite magics

IPython magics to run SQL and see the result in table format.


Download from: https://raw.github.com/tkf/ipython-sqlitemagic/master/sqlitemagic.py

Doctest magics

Run and debug doctest in IPython.


Download from: https://raw.github.com/tkf/ipython-doctestmagic/master/doctestmagic.py

scd - smart change of directory


  • add %scd magic for changing to any directory with a few keystrokes
  • modify %cd, %pushd, %popd magics to record visited directories in ~/.scdhistory

This plugin is for IPython terminal session on Linux, Mac or other Unix-like system only. Must have Z shell (zsh package) and scd script installed in the PATH. For best results activate scd also for the system shell as described on the Homepage.

Installation Details

Download from: https://raw.github.com/pavoljuhas/smart-change-directory/master/ipython/ipy_scd.py

Magics for temporary workspace

  • %cdtemp -- Creates a temporary directory that is magically cleaned up when you exit IPython session.

  • %%with_temp_dir -- Run Python code in a temporary directory and clean up it after the execution.


Download from: https://raw.github.com/tkf/ipython-tempmagic/master/tempmagic.py

Magics for activity, block, network and sequence diagrams

Create activity, block, network and sequence diagrams using text definitions similar to graphwiz. The extension uses blockdiag modules from http://blockdiag.com


Download from: https://bitbucket.org/vladf/ipython-diags/raw/default/diagmagic.py


Passes SQL statements to any database reachable by SQLAlchemy, and renders results as tabular HTML or pretty text tables, where possible.


Usage sample

To install (from command line):

pip install ipython-sql


A set of python functions to help with interactive object inspection and discovery.

  • %gist -- object inspection
  • %rtype -- recursive type, deep object inspection
  • %apropos -- deep search for things with a given name, value, etc.

Install: pip install grasp

Use: %load_ext grasp

Source code: http://launchpad.net/grasp

More info: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/grasp/


Run code cells in an IPython notebook until a breakpoint is encountered.



The AnyBody Modeling System

The AnyBody extension adds an %%anybody cell magic to run AnyScript macros directly from the IPython Notebook. The AnyBody Modeling System is a multibody modelling system for musculoskeletal biomechanics.

Github page

Usage: See this IPython notebook

To install: Download from: https://raw.github.com/melund/anybodymagic/master/anybodymagic.py

Module version information: %version_information

The %version_information magic extension displays a table with version information for selected Python modules. Use it in a notebook keep a record of exactly which versions of dependency modules were used to run the notebook.


Example notebook

Section numbering: %secnum

Provides automatic section numbering for IPython notebooks.

Currently, level-1 headings are labelled like "1. First" and level-2 headings "1.1. Second". The section numbers are automatically updated every time any cell changes type (e.g. from a Markdown cell to a heading cell).


To install:

Download from: https://github.com/dpsanders/ipython_extensions/tree/master/section_numbering

To use:

%load_ext secnum

(Updates are automatic; %secnum only needs to be run once per session.)

.zip, .tar.gz, .tgz extensions support: %zip_extensions

To install:

Download from: https://raw.github.com/mksenzov/ipython_zip_extensions/master/zip_extensions.py

If for example you want to load/start using extension called grasp (described above) without using pip do:

%load_ext zip_extensions

%install_zip_ext https://pypi.python.org/packages/source/g/grasp/grasp-0.3.2.tar.gz
%load_zip_ext grasp

Graphviz Extensions:

These magic functions just pipe various input formats to dot using the standard library subprocess module. They were written for simplistic demonstration of binary decision diagrams in PyEDA.

To install:

Download from: https://raw.github.com/cjdrake/ipython-magic/master/gvmagic.py

To load:

%load_ext gvmagic


  • %dot - line/cell magic converts raw input to Graphviz dot SVG output.
  • %dotstr - line magic converts string input to Graphviz dot SVG output.
  • %dotobj - line magic converts object with to_dot method to Graphviz dot SVG output.
  • %dotobjs - line magic converts sequence of objects with to_dot method to Graphviz dot SVG output.


%dot digraph G { a -> b; a -> c }

%%dot digraph G {
    a -> b;
    b -> c;

%dotstr "digraph G { a -> b; a -> c }"

%dotobj dotobj.to_dot()

%dotobjs dotojb[0].to_dot(), dotobj[1].to_dot(), ...


Pretty HTML rendering and html display of BeautifulSoup queries in the notebook and the qtconsole.

To install:

pip install "ipython-beautifulsoup[bs4,notebook]"

To load:

%load_ext soup

Configure how you want the soup extension to work using configure_ipython_beautifulsoup, for example:

configure_ipython_beautifulsoup(show_html=True, show_css=True, show_js=False)

Then just use the BeautifulSoup object loading into the current context.


Page navigation for IPython Notebook

A Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey user script that adds a few functions to help you move up and down easily in an IPython notebook page.

To install:

 Get Tampermonkey for Chrome or Greasemonkey for Firefox
 and install the script from http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/180884

What you can do:

 Turbo-Scrolling : Hold [Shift] key while using your mouse wheel to speed
                   up the scrolling about x6. Or, you could also do it
                   by hovering near the left side of page (within 50 px)

 [Top] : Scroll to the page top
 [Bottom] : Scroll to the bottom of page
 [LastCell] : Scroll back to the selected cell

 [+] : increase font-size of notebook tile
 [–] : decrease font-size of notebook tile

Min's IPython extensions

MinRK has published various (both Python and Notebook) extensions for IPython.

py.test plugin

Discover and run IPython notebook cells as unit tests

db.py plugin

ipython db.py shell extension


Example Notebook

To install:

Download from: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dongweiming/idb/master/idb.py


IPython magics for generating figures with TikZ. You can select the output format as svg, png or jpg, define the image size, specify a scale factor, load TikZ packages, and save to external files.


IPython extension for using the python trepan debugger.

Download from: https://raw.github.com/rocky/ipython-trepan/master/trepanmagic.py

or put trepanmagic.py in $HOME/.python/profile_default/startup:

    cd `$HOME/.python/profile_default/startup`:
    wget https://raw.github.com/rocky/ipython-trepan/master/trepanmagic.py

Module Magic

The %%module cell magic for the IPython Notebook. %%module saves the cell as a file and imports it into the session. This is useful for both creating and managing modules within the Notebook, as well as creating sandboxed code - i.e. executing code cells in a separate environment.

Giphy Magic

An IPython magic to embed random GIFs from giphy.com

To install:

Download from: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AustinRochford/giphy-ipython-magic/master/giphy_magic.py

S3 Image Magic

A set of magics that will display images stored in Amazon S3 and save matplotlib figures to S3.

To install:

Download from: https://github.com/AustinRochford/s3img-ipython-magic/blob/master/s3img_magic.py


Times every command.


Download from: https://raw.github.com/cpcloud/ipython-autotime/master/autotime.py


D3 magic for IPython (targeted at Jupyter).


pip install py_d3


IPython magic extension to use Mocodo in a Jupyter Notebook.

Mocodo is an open-source tool for designing and teaching relational databases. It takes as an input a textual description of both entities and associations of an entity-relationship diagram (ERD). It outputs a vectorial drawing in SVG and a relational schema in various formats (SQL, LaTeX, Markdown, etc.).


pip install mocodo_magic

IPython Bell

IPython/Jupyter Notebook magic to notify the programmer when a line/cell has completed execution.


pip install IPythonBell


import time

Jupyter Spaces

Jupyter Spaces allows to work with parallel sub-namespaces available within the user namespace. It is designed to be used in Jupyter notebooks.


pip install jupyter_spaces


jupyter_abc makes it easy to render ABC markup as graphical music notation in a Jupyter notebook.

For rendering, the extension uses the abcjs Javascript library by Paul Rosen and Gregory Dyke.


pprint++: a drop-in replacement for pprint that's actually pretty

An extension that displays python objects using pprint++.


$ pip install pprintpp
- OR -
$ easy_install pprintpp


%load_ext pprintpp


Jupyter-skip-extension adds the ability to skip the execution of a cell via the skip magic command.

The skipping of a cell can be activated or deactivated by python logic.


Download from: https://github.com/RobbeSneyders/Jupyter-skip-extension/blob/master/skip_kernel_extension.py
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